Dear New Yorkers, Your Neighborhood is a Slum (a review of Reviewing Renewal at the Queens Museum)
Thought Catalogue | by Roxanne Earley | 2/5/2015

A Look At Willets Point Before Demolition & Redevelopment
Curbed | By Evan Bindelglass | 1/12/2015

Mapping New York’s Vacant Lots, To Use Them To Create A More Vibrant City
Fast Company | By Zoe Mendelson | 11/10/2014

You Are Now Entering An Active Urban Renewal Area
Urban Omnibus | By Jonathan Tarleton | 11/5/2014

Fun Maps: The Urban Reviewer Map by 596 Acres Shows us Master Plans since 1952 Untapped Cities By billy hagberg 7/4/2014

Urban Reviewer Maps New York’s Forgotten Master Plans
TechPresident | By Sam Roudman | 6/19/2014

Promises made: ‘Urban Reviewer’ map tracks NYC’s past urban renewal plans | By Brady Dale | 1/25/2014

Every Master Plan in New York City History, Collected in a Single Place
CityLab, The Atlantic | By Sarah Goodyear | 1/25/2014

‘Urban Reviewer’ Archives New York City’s 155 Neighborhood Master Plans
Planetizen | By James Brasuell | 1/25/2014

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